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BT Bill Distributor

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1.Terms of Reference

Responsibilities of the Bill Distributor

The Distributor shall perform the following functions:

  1. Collect the monthly bills – both fixedlines and B-Mobile (second week of every month from the respective Billing Offices of BTL).
  2. Deliver the monthly telephone bills received from BTL to BTL’s customers of Thimphu, Semtokha & Dechencholing exchanges.
  3. Submit the monthly signed telephone bill distributor list to BTL within two (2) weeks from the date of collection of bills from BTL office.

2. Responsibilities of BTL

BTL shall be responsible for the following:

  1. BTL shall provide information on addresses of the customers/clients and any other clarifications required by the distributors.
  2. BTL shall take care of bills or those customers/clients who want their bills to be delivered to their respective post boxes and handover the rest of the bills to the distributors or their designated person(s) for distribution on a monthly basis.
  3. BTL shall provide support in providing copies of telephone bills in case of misprint and incomplete printing.
  4. BTL shall effect the timely payment of distribution charges to the distributor in accordance with the rate fixed in this Agreement.
  5. BTL shall compile the list of customers’ queries/complaints, if any, should forward the same to the distributor on a monthly basis with the bills for corrective action.
  1. Details Required:
  2. Shall submit relevant business license copy
  3. Indicate number of bill distributor(s)/manpower
  • Shall quote delivery charge per bill
  1. Include any other relevant information
  2. Evaluation Criteria:

The bidders shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Financial: 80%
  2. Technical: 20%
  3. Timeline:
  4. Opening: 13th March, 2021
  5. Closing: 12th April, 2021
  6. Address:

The sealed bids should be submitted to the following address:

Regional Director

Western Region
Bhutan Telecom Ltd., T/phu

For further details, please contact Sr. Manager, Customer Care Section at +975-02-343434 (4002).

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