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Bulk SMS (One-Time)

Efficiently reach your audience with our Bulk SMS Service, ensuring instant, cost-effective communication for direct advertising and sales generation. Enhance your outreach with extensive coverage and immediate messaging capabilities.

Bulk SMS Rates as follows for customized customer list

Corporate Offer

Material CodeNo of SMSOption ICharges per additional SMSOption II
10016< 10000Nu. 4,000Nu. 4,000
1001710001 to 25000Nu.4,000Nu.0.35Nu.8,000
1001825001 to 50000Nu.9,250Nu.0.30Nu.14,000
1001950001 to 100000Nu.16,750Nu.0.25Nu.22,000

Mini Offer

Material CodeNo of SMSOption ICharges per additional SMSOption II
10021<300Normal rate (0.45/SMS)Normal rate (0.45/SMS)
10022301 to 500Nu. 135Nu. 0.44Nu. 200
10023501 to 3000Nu. 223Nu. 0.42Nu. 1,200
100263001 to 5000Nu. 853Nu. 0.40Nu. 2,000
100255001 to 7000Nu. 1,653Nu. 0.38Nu. 2,600
100247001 to 9999Nu. 2,413Nu. 0.36Nu.3,700

We currently have two offers; mini offer and corporate offer. The customer is normally charged based on the numbers of SMS to be sent.  If suppose you decide to send 3,000 messages it will be considered mini offer and if its 50,000 messages then, corporate offer by default. 

For the payment part, we offer the user two options, option I and option II. The user is directly charged the price mentioned if the user opts for option II. And if the customer opts option I, following process are to be considered: 

  • Charge = Minimum payable + ((no. of SMS to be sent) – lower limit) *charges per additional SMS

Points to Remember

  • Bulk SMS charge for whole Bhutan is Nu. 30,000.
  • Payment must be made along with this form either in cash or cheque in the name of Bhutan Telecom.
  • Message content (must not exceed 160 characters including spaces)
  • Customized list (provide the list in excel format – make sure the list includes only B-mobile numbers and are in one column)
  • Whole Bhutan (submit a copy of BICMA approval letter for commercial SMSs)

To avail the service, please submit all the required documents in BTL counter or write to us at 

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