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What’s the difference between 4G and 3G?

  • The main difference between 3G and 4G is speed. For 3G, the data speed is upto 21mbps and for 4G, data speed is upto 150 mbps.
  • How do I upgrade from BT’s 3G service to 4G service?
    • You have to get your SIM replaced to 4G. Please visit your nearest BT service counter to get a 4G SIM.

      What do I need to subscribe to BT’s 4G service?
  • You need a 4G supporting device (having frequency bandwidth of 1800 MHz/band 3) and BT’s 4G SIM card.

From where can I get BT’s 4G SIM?

  • You can get BT’s 4G SIM from your nearest BT service counter.

How do I know if my phone supports 4G?

  • Your phone should support frequency band 1800 MHz (band 3).

What do I need to get BT’s 4G SIM?

  • You need to bring a Photo Copy of your CID Card and one legal Stamp.
  • You can then visit our customer care office and fill up a SIM registration or SIM replacement form.

What’s the cost for BT’s 4G SIM?

  • SIM replacement is FREE. Which means if you already have a BT SIM card, you can get 4G SIM for FREE. For new subscribers, the charge is nu. 100 with nu. 100 worth of free talk time

What are the charges for BT’s 4G service?

  • The charges are same as 3G. You can either subscribe to our data packages or choose pay-as-you-go charged @ Nu.0.0003/kb.

What are advantages of 4G over 3G?

  • Due to high speed connectivity with 4G, you can get instant downloads and uploads, view high quality videos and video chat on-the-go.

How do I know if I am on 4G network?

  • 4G or LTE signal will appear on the top of your phone screen.

What if I am outside 4G coverage?

  • Based on the network coverage, your device will automatically latch to 3G or 2G.

I heard that 4G is more expensive than 3G, how true is that?

  • Not true. Data charges are same for both 3G and 4G.

Prepaid/mobile data

  • How do I get a new prepaid SIM card from BT?
    • Visit a BT service counter near you with a copy of your ID card and a legal stamp.

How do I recharge my prepaid number for voice?

  • You have the following recharge options:
    • Paper recharge available in most of the retail outlets
    • E-load via BT distributor
    • B-Wallet
    • M-BOB

How do I subscribe to a prepaid data package?

  • To avail prepaid data packages, you just need to recharge with the amount (eg. 49, 99, 199 etc) and you will automatically be provided with the corresponding data quota. You can recharge via E-load, B-Wallet or M-BOB. More information on data packages are available here

Can I get a paper voucher for mobile data recharges?

  • Currently we don’t have paper voucher for data recharges. You can only recharge via E-load, B-Wallet or M-BOB.

How do I check my prepaid main balance or data balance?

  • Dial *170# to check your main/voice and data balance.

Can I change my prepaid number to postpaid keeping the same number?

  • Yes, you can change your prepaid number to postpaid while keeping the same number. Please visit a BT service counter near you if you wish to change from prepaid to postpaid and bring along a copy of your ID card and legal stamp.

I got BT’s prepaid SIM card. But I could not get internet connection. What could be the problem?

  1. Check APN settings on your phone (Settings ->mobile networks ->Access point names and make sure it reads: Name -B-Mobile and APN –internet. Rest of the information can be ignored.
  2. If you are still not able to get the connection, please call our contact centre at 1600 (toll free) and clearly state your issue.

What offers are available for Prepaid Subscribers?

  • In addition to various data packages available for prepaid subscribers, we also provide bonus offers on main recharges during special occasions and events.
  • Information on Offers during such occasions will be disseminated via SMS to all prepaid subscribers. It will also be given on our website as well posted on our Facebook page.

My data balance gets exhausted too quickly. What’s the problem?

  • Kindly note that data usage includes all internet activity. The more you spend time on the net, the more your data usage will be. However, you can control/manage your data usage by keeping track of what has been consuming your data. To view details on your data usage: go to settings -> Data usage.
  • Make sure you have turned off all auto updates, restrict background data (including auto-play videos on Facebook for example) and also turn off mobile data when not in use.

I have a net balance but I am not able to get internet connection? Is it due to having zero main balance?

  • You need to have a minimum of Nu.5 in your main balance to access internet in addition to the net balance.

Why am I loosing data connection while on call?

  • This is due to automatic network switch by your device, giving you priority of voice over internet while you’re making a call. Once you end the call, you should get the data network back.

Postpaid/mobile data

  • How do I get a post-paid mobile connection?
    • You need to get BT’s postpaid SIM card available at a BT service counter near you.
    • Carry along a copy of your ID card and a legal stamp which is required for new subscription.

What are my postpaid bill pay options?

  • You can pay your mobile postpaid bill via:
    1. B-Wallet
    2. M-BOB
    3. At a BT service counter

When shall I receive my monthly mobile bill?

  • We usually forward the bills latest by second week of every month to your email address if you have registered for e-billing service. We will also inform you via SMS once the bill is sent in your email.

What if I don’t receive my bill for a particular month?

  • If you do not receive your bill for a particular month by second week of the following month, then you can write an email to
  • For those customers, who did not subscribe for e-billing service, they should either contact bill deliver agent or visit your nearest BT service counter.

What if I don’t pay my bills on time?

  • If you were not able to pay your bill for a particular month, the amount will be added in next month’s bill.
  • On 21st of every month, the system will verify the total outstanding bills. If the customer has two outstanding bills as of that date, it will bar all outgoing services (outgoing Voice, SMS and Data).

Can I change my postpaid number to prepaid?

  • No, you cannot change your postpaid number to prepaid. Any number starting with 171 cannot be changed to prepaid. However, should you wish to avail prepaid instead of postpaid service, you can get a new prepaid SIM for which you will need to visit a BT service counter near you.

How do I subscribe to a postpaid data package?

How do I change my data package subscription?

  • You have to visit a BT service counter near you to change your data package subscription.

How do I check my postpaid data balance?

  • Your monthly bill will show details of your usage/charges, which will be delivered in the email id you provide.
  • You can also get your data usage info from your device ( go to settings-> data usage)

If my data usage exceeds the allotted data quota, will I be automatically transferred to the next higher package?

It is not possible to automatically transfer your subscription to the next higher package. If you feel that the data quota allotted by your subscription is not enough, you can always change your subscription. Kindly visit a BT service counter near you to change your subscription.

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