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As compared to earlier means of prepaid recharges like the Scratch Card which is time-consuming and costly, our paperless recharge system is secure, cost-effective, and well-integrated to multiple access channels to ensure availability of any value recharge to end-subscribers, anywhere, anytime. It is environment-friendly, customer-friendly, and risk-free. E-LOAD is an instantaneous process that makes it extremely easy to carry out electronic transactions and proves to be extremely convenient. This provides our customers with the flexibility of recharging their account with any amount, starting from as low as Nu.5, and ensures secure payment with a confirmation SMS notification delivered to both the parties (sender & receiver).

When a mobile user recharges his prepaid account without requiring to scratch the card, it is referred to as E-Load (Electronic Recharge). This facility allows distributors, dealers, and retailers to sell data and talk-time directly from the handset via SMS.

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