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Data Center

Bhutan Telecom provides data center service that facilitates to house critical applications and data. It is designed based on a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared applications and data.

Nu. 300 annually per IP address is applicable.

Why opt for Data Center

  • In today’s world, many companies are data-driven. Outages in their business operations directly leads to productivity loss and therefore loss of revenue. Outsourcing IT to a professional data center makes organizations more resilient to such equipment problems, rising operational costs, and malicious parties.
  • It provides a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, and hence minimizes any chance of disruption.
  • Data centers are involved in running Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Disneyworld, etc. Regardless of the size and purpose of the data centers, all data centers serve one purpose that is to “process information”.


Certified by Uptimes Institute, USA, we have the following services:

  • Rack Space for both Single and 3 Phase Power
  • Cage Services

Bhutan Telecom Limited also offers the following services in addition to the hosting services:

  • Remote Hands
  • Manage Services
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