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Step into the future of uninterrupted internet with BT broadband technology. Connect BT broadband and enjoy high-speed internet, entertainment, information treasure, and more, without compromises.

Why Broadband?

  • BT broadband allows you to enjoy a faster internet connection, which means once you connect broadband, you will get faster downloads and less buffering.
  • With FTTH (Fiber to Home) technology, you get to stream videos of HD, download heavy files and upload documents instantly.
  • Broadband Customers can check their broadband balance, expiry date, and change their password by sending a text message from their registered mobile number to 2929. For details please follow the steps below:

To check balance and expiry date (for Prepaid only)

  • Type “bal / BAL” and send to “2929” OR
  • To change Password (for both Prepaid and Postpaid)
  • Type “pwd / PWD “ and send to “2929”

Setup Charges for BT Broadband

  1. Nu 2840 for ADSL2+with RJ45 WAN PORT. Compatible with Media converter, FTTH (Fiber to Home) and ONT modem Optical Network Terminal.
  2. Nu 2200 for D-Link DSL-2730-U (Wireless) with 1 year warranty.

Broadband Packages

Prepaid Broadband Plans

PackagesExisting data quotaNew data quota
BB 3998,192 MB12,288 MB
BB 59915,360 MB23,040 MB
BB 109932,768 MB49,152 MB
BB 149946,080 MB69,120 MB
BB 199963,488 MB95,232 MB
BB 249981,920 MB122,880 MB

Postpaid Broadband Plans

PackagesExisting data quotaNew data quotaAdditional Charge Per MB
BB 4999,216 MB13,824 MB 0.054
BB 79919,456 MB29,184 MB0.041
BB 119933,792 MB50,688 MB0.035
BB 159946,080 MB69,120 MB0.035
BB 219966,560 MB 99,840 MB0.033
BB 2999102,400 MB153,600 MB0.029
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