Bhutan Telecom Limited

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Notice seeking proposal for Bhutan Telecom Limited Distributorship

Bhutan Telecom Limited would like to invite proposals from interested individuals/firms to become distributors of the company’s sales items like SIMs, Vouchers (Physical & prepaid broadband), eLOAD.

The proposal should be sealed and submitted to the Regional office on or before 16th May 2022 before 5 PM.

Main Distributors (Vouchers, SIMs and eLOAD)

1PhunthsolingChukhaSouth Western Region1
2SipsooSamtseSouth Western Region1

eLOAD Distributor (eLOAD only)

1GomtuSamtseSouth Western Region1

For further information, please contact:

South Western Region (Phunthsoling)

1. Regional Directors at 02343434/Ext.7001/17113082

2. Marketing Officer at 02343434/Ext.7005/17760914

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