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Notice seeking proposal for Bhutan Telecom Limited Distributorship

Bhutan Telecom Limited would like to invite proposals from interested individuals/firms to become distributors of the company’s sales items like SIMs, Vouchers (Physical & prepaid broadband), eLOAD.

The proposal should be sealed and submitted to the Regional offices on or before 12th March 2021 before 5 PM.

Main Distributors (Vouchers, SIMs and eLOAD)

Sl/noLocationRegionType of DistributorNo of Dist.
1Thrimshing, WamrongEastern RegionMain distributor1
2Chumey, BumthangCentral RegionMain distributor1
3Bara, TenduSouth Western RegionMain distributor1
4Kabisa, KawangThimphu, WRMain distributor1
5Chamgang, DagalaThimphu, WRMain distributor1

eLOAD Distributor (eLOAD only)

Sl/noLocationRegionType of DistributorNo of Dist.
1Merak, TashigangEastern RegionEload1
2Sakteng, TashigangEastern RegionEload1
3Singay, SarpangCentral RegionEload1
4Damcho HighwaySouth Western RegionEload1
5GomtuSouth Western RegionEload1
6Police camp, PunakhaWeatern RegionEload1
7Changyul, PunakhaWestern RegionEload1
8kabesa, PunakhaWestern RegionEload1
9Gakiling, HaaWestern RegionEload1
10Jyenkana, HaaWestern RegionEload1

The distributors will be selected based on the following evaluation criteria:

Sl/NOEvaluation CriteriaWeightage
1Financiala. The applicants should have a good financial position and desire for business and should not have adverse record with BT such as outstanding dues, etc.25%
2Processa. Applicants should have the ability to work with Bhutan Telecom on exclusive basis.b. Applicants should submit a brief Business Plan indicating/proposing an activity plan for first year of operation to promote BT products & services. 25%
3Customera. Willingness to participate and sell BT services during events organized by BT and also takes initiatives in promotion BT services from time to time.b. Applicants should have at least three years of successful experience in wholesale business or similar line of business. Should currently have a well-established business  25%
4Learning and Growtha. Knows how to read and write. Demonstrates willingness to learn and adapt to the changing environment, technology, market trends, etc. 25%

The complete proposal must be submitted on or before 12th March 2021 before 5 PM

For further information, please contact:

Western Region (Thimphu)

  1. Regional Director at 02343434/Ext.4001/17113077
  2. Sr.Manager, customer care at 02343434/Ext.4002/17113957

South Western Region (Phuntsholing)

  1. Regional Director at 02343434/Ext.7001/17113036
  2. Marketing Officer at 02343434/Ext.7005/17760914

Central Region (Gelephu)

  1. Regional Director at 02343434/Ext.6001/17113156
  2. Marketing Officer at 02343434/Ext.6014/17840586

Eastern Region (Samdrup Jongkhar)

  1. Regional Directors at 02343434/Ext.5001/17113082
  2. Marketing Officer at 02343434/Ext.5005/17128523
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