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It was November 2016. I was working with a private company and was placed around ten kilometres away from Nganglam town. The site was surrounded by hills, and the only things I could see outside my window were trees standing tall. I could hear the cries of animals and most waspishly the sound of river below. To give me company was BT’s network connectivity. I spoke with my parents on a regular basis. I kept in touch with my friends and family. I could solve work-related problems online and communicate the progress at the site to my colleagues in Thimphu.

Time went by and the summer soon made its way. I was going through a state of emotional instability on the personal front. I felt like even the continuous summer rain couldn’t wash away the sorrowful love story in my heart. I began scribbling my feelings and emotions in the form of poetry. It was then that I truly understood the value of the internet; I was supported by friends who helped me get through the difficult times, albeit virtually. I kept my mind distracted by reading articles online or watching videos on the internet. I even took a few online tutorials and courses on basics of carpentry. All of these were possible because of the services provided by Bhutan Telecom.

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