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Bhutan Telecom launched its first mobile communications service in the country in 2003. Nokia handsets had taken over the market back then, followed by brands like Benq, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc. Everyone was excited. To carry a Nokia phone was a thing of pride. Everyone was rushing to the stores that sold mobile phones. I, unfortunately, couldn’t afford one.

It was not until the end of 2003 that I finally purchased my first mobile phone; it was a black and white Nokia handset. Filled with pride, I walked out of the BT counter with the BT sim card in my Nokia handset. I no longer had to walk to the telephone booth to speak with my loved ones. I even went on to show this great milestone in my life to the people in my circle. That was the extent of the significance Bhutan Telecom filled me with, and how delighted I felt!

I particularly have one story with Bhutan Telecom which will forever remain imprinted in my heart. I remained a bachelor till the beginning of 2011. I was in Haa back then. My brother was in Chhukha. He insisted that I get married soon. He knew a girl in his neighbourhood whom he thought could be potential match for me. She lived with her elder brother. I requested my brother to get me her mobile number. She too was using a BT sim card. I called her. She called me. We spoke about everything and nothing. I went to Chhukha to meet her after a few weeks. We liked each other and we dated for a few months. Bhutan Telecom helped us keep our hearts connected though we were physically apart. We finally got married in April, 2011. We have been happily married for the last nine years with two beautiful daughters. This is my story with Bhutan Telecom.

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