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It was back in early 2003 where Gyelposhing, Monger first launched its BT network. Everyone in the region was equally excited. Unfortunately, only the richest ones could afford to own a mobile phone back then. The poor had to borrow from neighbours or friends. To own a black and white Nokia phone with a BT sim card became the common man’s only dream. It was a thing of pride to be able to subscribe to the services of Bhutan Telecom. It was in this way that BT made it possible for us to dream, to aspire.

Meanwhile, the mobile market in Gyelposhing area was very small with a limited number of BT towers. It was a challenge to find a strong network connection anywhere in the area. Nonetheless, it helped us create fond memories that I cherish even today. I remember the bygone days when I used to climb mangoes trees not to pluck the fruits growing on them but to catch BT’s network signal. Years have passed since then, but even today I continue to rely on B-Mobile network.

As I grew up, so did Bhutan Telecom, moving from 2G to 3G, and eventually to LTE today. I hope to grow healthier and older with the same mobile number I was allotted, and hopefully pass the same number down to my grandchildren.

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