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Auction Notice


List of items for Auction
Sl.No Items Vehicle No Year of purhcase Remarks
1 Old Batteries Scrap Scrap
2 Old Tyres Scrap Scrap
3 Old Office Equipment Scrap Scrap
4 Mixed Iron Scrap Scrap Scrap
5 Miscelleneous Scrap Scrap Scrap
6 Cut pieces Fiber & OSP cables Scrap Scrap
7 Damaged Telephone poles Scrap Scrap
8 Diesel Generator sets Scrap Scrap
9 Alminium scrap Scrap Scrap
10 Old Furnitures Scrap Scrap
11 Vehicles
a Hilux BG-1-1084 2002 Running
b Bolero camper BG-1-1205 2004 Running
c Esteem Car BG-1-A1334 2006 Running
d Maruti Van BG-1-A1328 2006 Running
e Pulsar Bike BG-1-A0711 2008 Running
f Hero Honda Bike BG-1-A0740 2010 Running
g Jumbo BG-2-A0547 2007 Running
h Electric car BG-1-A2174 2012 Offroad
i Scooters (10 Nos)
1 Scooter BG-1-A0623 2004 Offroad
2 Scooter BG-1-A0660 2004 Offroad
3 Scooter BG-1-A0663 2002 Offroad
4 Scooter BG-1-A0679 2007 Offroad
5 Scooter BG-4-A0092 2004 Offroad
6 Scooter BG-1-A0621 2004 Offroad
7 Scooter BG-3-A0116 2008 Offroad
8 Scooter BG-3-A0099 2006 Offroad
9 Scooter BG-4-A0072 2005 Offroad
10 Scooter BG-4-A0078 2007 Offroad

Terms & Conditions

1) All the bidders have to pay an entrance fee of Nu. 500 (five hundred) each, which is not refundable.

2) Each bidder will have to deposit an earnest money of Nu. 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand) in cash with Bhutan Telecom latest by 9:45 am on 24th March 2018.

3) Money receipts for the earnest money and token cards will be provided to the bidders who deposits the earnest money and entrance fee. Only the Bidders with the money receipt and token card will be qualified to bid for the auction. One individual will be allowed to enter the auction compound for each token.

4) The token holder will be allowed to enter the auction yard from 09:00Hrs-09:55Hrs on March 24th, 2018 and the gate shall be closed at 09:55 AM. No person will be allowed to enter the gate after the gates are closed.

5) The successful bidders have to deposit 25% of the successful bid in cash at the fall of hammer and deposit the balance and lift the materials within 7 (seven) working days from the date of auction failing which, the accepted bids will be cancelled and 25% deposit will be forfeited. The unsold item will then be disposed in the next auction.

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