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B-Trowa is an over the top application to stream videos and audios on demand, live televisions and live radios. The platform is now enhanced to make it more versatile and subscription based packages. It has flexible validity, improved security, and privacy and user interface along with more payment channels to avail the services.



The streaming services are provided through mobile handsets and browser based web portal. We have currently two live Television channels (BBS 1 & BBS 2), seven Radio channels (BBS Radio 1, BBS Radio 2, Kuzu FM English and Dzongkha, and Radio Valley FM), and more than 200 Dzongkha Movies.

We have also introduced data plans which would provide almost 90% more data quota to access B-Trowa content. We have introduced broadly three subscription packages- Silver, Gold and platinum which have monthly, half yearly and yearly validity apart from pay per use view contents which the subscribers can purchase and view for limited duration.

Subscribers can now purchase subscription packages and pay per view contents through main balance (Talk time) or through B-Wallet and B-Ngul using BT’s self-care app.

  1. The packages will be applicable for both prepaid & postpaid services and will be applicable solely for viewing B-Trowa contents.
  2. Dynamic billing cycle with data carry forward facilities. The packages are purely for B-Trowa and cannot be converted/transferred to any other plan/talk time and related.
  3. These packages are only for mobile and B-Trowa viewing through broadband and leased line will be charged as per its tariff.
  4. If the subscriber has activated both B-Trowa package and Unlimited Late-night Data Plan, viewing the content during late night hours, the unlimited package will apply, other terms and conditions remain the same.
  5. Automatic alert SMS will be triggered through the system upon consumption of 90% &100% data and also on expiry of data balance.
  6. Separate bucket for postpaid like the booster plans will be created and will not be reflected in the monthly bill.
  7. Fold back options for both postpaid and prepaid will be the same (upon consumption of package balance, charges will be directed to the active data package, if any and to Pay G for postpaid and main balance, if any for prepaid).
  8. Bonus or any other scheme, if any will be applicable to B-Trowa like any other plans.
  9. The exclusive quota will not be allowed for any other applications and will be purely for B-Trowa.
  10. The customers will be able to check their exclusive freebies using My-BT App or by dialling USSD code.


Subscription fee are based on the content category as Platinum, Silver and Gold. The contents will be categorized on release date and we can have any number of contents. The subscription can be monthly, six months and one year. We have provided discount of one and two months for subscription of six months and one year respectively. The subscription rate as below:

Content Category Release date Content Items Number of contents Monthly 6 Months One Year
platinum Within 1 year Movies, documentaries , Music videos, Audio Any numbers 400 400 400
gold 1 year to 2 years Movies, documentaries , Music videos, Audios Any numbers 300 1500 3000
sliver 2 years Movies, documentaries , Music videos, Audio Any numbers 200 1000 2000


Pricing Ceiling and Floor for Pay per View Content

For Pay per View contents, the rates will be pay per view. If content providers wish to opt for this category, the quality of content will be considered irrespective of release date. The pricing ceiling and floor is proposed based on the rate charged in theatres (movies) and content for music videos and audios.

Plan Price Data Quota Validay
Tro-Chung Nu. 155 5,032 MB 1 MONTH
Tro-Bar Nu. 355 8,325 MB 1 MONTH
Tro-Chen Nu. 555 15,281 MB 1 MONTH


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