Voice Over IP

Internet Phone

VoIP, the Internet Telephony service is the cheaper alternative for making international calls to some selected destinations. The service was launched on 8 September 2004. However, the quality of transmission at times may not be as good as that of traditional circuit switched technology as the availability of required resources specially, outside of our network is beyond our control. Facsimile transmission cannot be sent on this alternative presently. Further, this service is available from fixed phones only and will not be accessible from DAMA connections.

Dialing Instructions

To choose the VoIP route

  1. first dial 010
  2. the country code
  3. area code
  4. the customer number

To choose the traditional circuit switched service

  1. first dial 00
  2. the country code
  3. area code
  4. the customer number

For example, if you want to call a New York number (6822268) using VOIP route, dial as follows:

Access Code (010), country code (1), Area code (212), followed by the customer number (6822268).

Using the traditional route, dial as follows: Access Code (00), Country code (1), Area code (212), followed by the customer number (6822268). So you see that the only difference is the international access code – 010 for VOIP route and 00 for the traditional route.

International VoIP Tariff

Countries Rates
Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Nepal, Hongkong, Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, China, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Iceland, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, South Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Croatia. NU. 7.5/Minute
For all other international destinations except India NU. 10/Minute

Note: Call to India using VOIP is not available as customer can make cheaper calls using our traditional fiber circuit. The rates for calls to India are:

Time From BMobile From FixedLine
1st Minute NU 4 NU 7.5
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