BT Annual Offer Results

BTL is pleased to disclose the results for the BT annual offer, 2016.

The results were drawn in the presence of our board members, media people, internal audit and Marketing.

Click here for the results for the Prepaid Numbers
Click here for the results for the Postpaid Numbers

Please visit our exchange office to claim the prize. You will have to carry you identity card along with the SIM card who has won the prize.

All information will be cross checked before giving away the prizes. In case of the SIM being registered in OTHER’s name, you will be directed to have the ownership of the SIM card changed.

For information on where you have to go, please contact 17113911 or 17119326.

*also please note that the prize will no longer be valid after 2 months(28th Feb, 2017) from here(30th December, 2016).

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