Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection which can be connected from home or office. The speed that can be delivered starts from 512 Kbps (theoretically almost 5 times as fast as the dail-up connection) to as high as 2 Mbps. It is also capable to make a network( e.g. LAN) at your premises to share Internet. You only need fixed telephone line connection at your home and a broadband modem( CPE) which can be procured from us(shown below).

Manage Your Broadband

Customers can monitor and control your broadband internet usage, check renewal and expiry dates,and also change broadband account password

User name : the broadband user id (eg: dnet02335599)
Password : the password of the broadband account.

The broadband customers can access internet using their broadband only from their registered domain/area.
For e.g customer registered at Chapcha will not be able to access broadband from places other than Chapcha.


Broadband Internet are available in the following locations.

Regions Locations with BB Service
Western Region(Gasa, Haa, Paro,Punakha, Thimphu, Wangdue) Thimphu, Satsam, Dechencholing, Punakha, Simtokha, Paro, Wangue, Haa, Lobesa, RTC, Khasadrapchu,Damthang, Gyenkhana, Gasa, Kamichu, Rurichu
South Western Region (Chukha,Phutsholing, Samtse) Phuntsholing,Gedu, Pasakha, Tsimasham, Samtse, Gomtu, Chapcha, Chukha, Sipsu
Central Region (Bumthang, Sarpang, Trongsa, Tsirang, Zhemgang) Damphu, Bumthang, Gelephu, Trongsa, Sarpang, zhemgang, Dagana, Dagapela, Chumey, Drujaygang, Tshangkha, Jigmecholing, Pangbang, Tingtibi
Eastern Region (Lhuntse, Mongar, Pema Gatsel, Samdrup Jongkhar, Trashigang, Trashi Yangtse) Kanglung, Tashigang, Pema Gatsel, Samdrup Jongkhar,Mongar, Deothang, Trashi Yangtse, Khaling, Nganglam,Rangjung, Wamrong, Gyelposhing, Lhuntse, Drametse, Tsenkharla, Tsenkhari, Yongphula,


  • The data quota allotted to your subscription accounts your every internet activity and not only uploads and downloads of files.
  • The data quota will include but is not limited to: browsing of websites, chatting (both texts & voice), downloading/uploading of files (documents, music, movies, etc.), sending/receiving emails and attachments, etc

Please refrain from unnecessary internet activity which will consume your quota and cost your more.


  1. BTN 1350 for Standard Modem with 1 year warranty
  2. BTN 1650 for D-Link DSL-2520-U (Wired) with 1 year warranty
  3. BTN 2200 for D-Link DSL-2730-U (Wireless) with 1 year warranty
  4. BTN 250 if customer wants to install their own CPE*.

(* CPE needs to be tested for compatibility with the network)



Monthly tariff means the minimum applicable charge for a month cycle and customer will be allocated data upload/download limit corresponding to a particular package.

  1. Monthly Prepaid Broadband rate
    Package Name Circuit Bandwidth Monthly Tariff(NU) Data Limit with 5% tax validity
    Home Upto 2 Mbps 399.00 3.8 GB 30 days
    Office Upto 2 Mbps 1499.00 15.2 GB 30 days
    Enterprise Upto 2 Mbps 2499.00 25.65 GB 30 days
  2. Monthly Postpaid Broadband rates:5% tax will be levied on monthly bills
    Package Name Circuit Bandwidth Monthly Tariff(NU) Data upload/Download Limit Additional Usage Charge per MB (NU)
    Home Upto 2 Mbps 499.00 4 GB 0.123
    Office Upto 2 Mbps 1599.00 13 GB 0.121
    Enterprise Upto 2 Mbps 2999.00 25 GB 0.119
  3. Tariff for corDECT WLL 128 Kbps services:

    Package Circuit Bandwith Monthly Tariff(NU) Data Upload/Download Limits Additional Charge of Data upload/Download
    CorDECT-128 Upto 128 kbps 700.00 300 MB 2.5

Download forms

1) Acceptance Form

2) Broadband Application Form

3) Postpaid Surety Form

4) Renewal Form

5) Broadband Modem Warranty Slip

6) Postpaid Migration Form

7) Prepaid Migration Form

8) Broadband postpaid surrender Form

9) Reconnection form

10) Ownership change form

11) Surrender Form>/a>

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