B-Secure ( The power to protect)

B-Secure is a service which would benefit people at large by safe guarding their homes from thefts & house breaks. This simple security device has a real time recording feature with an additional feature to monitor the premises and properties from an app on their mobile devices or on a computer connected via internet. Occupants can remotely monitor the activities taking place in and around their premises via their mobile phones. This would increase the security of the public by discouraging burglars from breaking into houses while the occupants are away from home.
This application can also be useful tool to monitor, particularly to those people whose children or old parents are left at home either with baby sitter or hired attendant.

Product Name Specifications Old Price (Nu) New Price (Nu)
IP Camera Indoor IP + wireless      9,526.64 7,690.00
IP Camera Outdoor IP      7,524.64 6,075.00
Network Video recorder IP + wireless, 4 channels      7,381.64 5,965.00
Surveillance Hard Disk High performance, throughput 6GBPS      5,665.64 4,570.00
Total      30,098.55 24,300.00
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