Prepaid service offers a standard package containing  SMS, CLIP, STD, ISD facility. Prepaid service is quite handy and is recommended for budget conscious people. Prepaid service can be availed from any B-mobile customer service counters or our dealers in town.

SIM registration

 Service charge category Rate  Free Talktime
 Prepaid SIM activation charge NU 100  NU 100
 Tourist SIM activation charge NU 100 NU 100

a. You will receive a talk time of Nu. 100 and registration cost for postpaid will remain unchanged.
b. SIM replacement will cost Nu. 50.
c. Tourist SIM is valid only for 1 month.

Types of Timing

1. Off-Peak Hours : 6 am - 3 pm
2. Peak Hours : 3 pm- 10pm
3. Economy : 10 pm -12 midnight & 4 am – 6 am
4. Late-Night offer: 12 midnight-4 am

Note : Off-Net refers to calls made from BTL network to other networks within Bhutan, while On-Net calls refers to calls made within the BTL network.

Voice Tariff


Call Category Peak Hours Off-peak Hours Economy Late-Night Offer
On-Net NU 0.50/unit NU 0.40/unit NU 0.30/unit NU 0.10/unit
Off-Net (B-Mobile to Tashi Cell) NU 0.70/unit NU 0.50/unit NU 0.40/unit

(1 unit =15 seconds.)


Mobile To Fixed Nu. 0.75/unit(1 unit = 15 seconds)
Fixed To Mobile Nu. 3.00/Minute


International calls tariff is same for both prepaid mobile or postpaid mobile

ISD Tariff for calling from B-Mobile cell phones

Call Category Peak Hours Off-peak Hours Charging Unit
India Calls* NU 4 NU 4 1Minute
Thailand Calls NU 18.00 NU 18.00 1Minute
Charge Band-I NU 18.00 NU 18.00 1Minute
Charge Band-II NU 25.00 NU 25.00 1Minute
Charge Band-III NU 40.00 NU 40.00 1Minute
Rest of the world NU 50.00 NU 50.00 1Minute

Countries in Charge Band I UK, France, Norway, Finland, Macao, Nigeria, Japan, Spain, Brunei, Malta, Greece, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Hungary, Mongolia, Mexico, Denmark, USA, Portugal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Austria, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Singapore, Vetican city, Canada, Puerto Rico

Countries in Charge Band II Sweden, Cambodia, Ireland, Iceland, Iran, Costa rica, Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Anguilla, Trinidad & Tobago, Botswana, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Ecuador, El Salvador, Palestine, New Caledonia, Slovenia, Bolivia, Syria, UAE, Yemen, Gibralter, Kenya, UAE, Mozambique, Nepal, Switzerland, Andorra, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Philippines, Bahamas, Turkmenistan, Romania, Uruguay, Srilangka, Maldives, Turkey, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Namibia, Panama, Zambia, Poland, Abkhazia, Pakisthan, Jordan, Crotia, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Slovakia, Peru, Belgium, Isreal, Kuwait, Guadeloupe, Czech republic, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, Venezuela, Angola, Bahrain, Laos, Luxemberg, Paraguay, Cyprus, Uzbekistan

Countries in Charge Band III Swaziland, Sudan, Losotho, Afghanisthan, Aruba, Micronesia, Russia, Ghana, Jamaica, Armenia, Iraq, Belize, Suriname, Benin, Antigua & Barbuda, Algeria, Barbados, Oman, Nicaragua, Ethopia, Eritrea, Turks & Caicos Island, Myanmar, Bosnia& Herzegovina, Ukraine, Guyana, Tajikistan, Libya, Montserrat, South Sudan, Estonia, Gerenda, Rwanda, Monaco, Haiti, Montenegro, Uganda, Mali, Tanzania, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Malawi, Djibouti, Bukina faso, Morocco, Palau, Zimbabwe, Liechtenstein, Senegal, Dominica, Cameroon, Belarus, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Tonga, Central African Republic, Congo, Liberia NU 10,000 security deposit is required to availing international roaming facility. Postpaid service is available only from B-Mobile counters. The ownership-change charge of NU 350/- for Postpaid customers is waived off.

SMS Tariff

Description Rate
12 midnight – 4 AM NU 0.10(on-net)
4 AM – 12 midnight NU 0.45(on-net)
4 AM – 12 midnight NU 0.70(off-net)

Prepaid Recharge Vouchers

Recharge vouchers (scratch cards) are available at B-Mobile customer service counters and dealers in the town. The existing processing fees on recharge vouchers is waived off, Enjoy full talk time.

Various denominations of recharge vouchers and their validity is given below:

Denominations Call Value Validity
NU 25 NU 23.75 15 days
NU 50 NU 47.50 22 days
NU 100 NU 95.00 37 days
NU 200 NU 190.00 37 days
NU 300 NU 285.00 37 days
NU 500 NU 475.00 60 days

Mobile Prepaid Data Package

*Data Packages are not applicable for Tourist SIM but is applicable to both 3G and 4G.

Pay per use rate: A flat rate of Nu. 0.1/-  will be charged upto 50 Kb after which the normal rate of .0003 per Kb will be apply

Choosing a data plan has never been this simple!  Introducing B-Mobile prepaid data plans that are cheaper and more flexible.

Plan Name Price in Nu. Data Quota Validity
Daily Easy Pack 19 166.25 0.16 24Hrs
Daily Lite Pack 29 256.50 0.25 24Hrs
Weekly Student Pack 39 332.50 0.32 7 days
Weekly Lite Pack 49 422.75 0.41 7 days
Weekly Medium Pack 99 855.00 0.84 7 days
Monthly Student Pack 199 1757.50 1.72 1 Month
Monthly Lite Pack 299 2907.00 2.84 1 Month
Monthly Medium Pack 499 5362.75 5.23 1 Month
Monthly Heavy Pack 699 7885.00 7.70 1 Month
The Prepaid Mobile Data Plan can be availed only via e-Load, B-Wallet and MBOB

Users can subscribe to these plans through eLoad or B-Wallet.

1.  Any prepaid recharge with the amount stated above will automatically subscribe to these plans. Subscription to these plans is only for data usage. Users can check the package by dialing *170#. The USSD balance statement will show the main account balance and the data package in MB.

2. When data quota from these plan is exhausted, data charges will be deducted from the main account at the existing pay-per-use rate.

3.  Balance from the previous recharge will be carried forward and added to the new recharge balance.

4. Charges for the voice service will be deducted from the main account

Download forms

1. Registration Form For SIM Card

2. Employer Assurance form for issuing SIM to non-Bhutanese

3. SIM Replacement Form

4. Application for SIM Replacement

5. Download Tourist SIM Form

6. Reconnection Form

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